Month: January 2017

Fetish Phone Sex

kinky phone sex fetishIf there’s one thing that UK women are good at, it’s fetish play, and British men love to get deviant when they get the chance. We are a kinky lot when it comes down to it, despite the common conception of the British being prudish. Perhaps we are better at keeping our sexual fantasies private and that’s why we look so ‘prim and proper’ to the outsider, but, especially now we live in an online age, we Brits are a naughty bunch behind closed doors.

Fortunately, it’s easy to get our kinky fetish hits through a variety of means. Many many porn sites cater for pretty much any fetish there is, but make sure what you’re watching is legal in your country. The real fun comes with the variety of people offering one on one fetish fun. This is commonly done with phone sex lines and webcam shows with a lot of the performers offering extras like snap chat and naughty text messages. Exploring this can be fun, but also be careful of the more shady side of the internet. It’s good practice to keep your computer up to date and run a good any virus / malware package, and this goes double for those of us looking for some of the really fun stuff online – and be careful of what you click, even the main stream porn sites sometimes support their content with less than trustworthy advertising pop ups. With that out of the way, let’s look at the best way to get kinky with a partner right now. There are dating sites specilising in the sexually adventurous, and there are several good cam sites but some of the kinkiest filth we’ve experienced lately have been with phone sex operators.

The thing that makes phone sex the perfect medium for fetish fantasies is the fact that these are, in fact fantasies. Many people get off on the idea of something that they probably wouldn’t enjoy in real life. Many men get excited by the idea of a bisexual threesome with another guy and a girl, many wouldn’t admit it and more probably wouldn’t enjoy it if it happened for real, but that’s not the point. Phone sex is the ideal way to enjoy a fantasy that you may never want to play out for real, and what makes it perfect is that you’re having a real sexual encounter with another human being, but at the same time your imagination is still working. The perfect combination for kinky sexual fantasies.

We’ve found that phone sex operators in the UK are extremely dirty and liable to be experienced in a variety of fetishes.

Most of you will have discovered this for yourself, but my god, phone sex in the UK can get filthy as hell. It’s not difficult to find direct lines to women (and men) who love talking about spanking, bondage, and domination, and that’s just for starters.

One of the first options for a connection we had when calling a fetish line recently was a woman wanting to talk about pissing all over the place and all of the women that we talked to have had personal experience with bondage, group sex and a lot more besides. If you are a beginner at the kinky stuff, the nice thing is that this is a one on one, person to person experience. Your phone sex mate can go easy on you, starting things off nice and slow. Of course, if you want it full on, you’re going to get it, no holes barred, hardcore and kinky.

Adult XXX Webcams

topless dark haired sexy webcam slutOh, where would we be without the internet?

Some of you won’t understand, after all, for certain people, the internet has been around forever, but for those of a certain age it’s something that wasn’t always there.

If your first taste of porn was a ripped out page from a copy of Maxim, passed around the school playground in secret, then you’ll understand just how far we have come.

Sexual pleasure is always about interaction. Masturbating on your own is fine, and some people’s imagination is more vivid and creative than others. For some, masturbating alone with no other help can be pretty pleasurable. For most people though, it’s more fun with some help.

Porn is great, and I don’t even want to think about how many people use the internet each day, just to cum. I would guess that it amounts to a lot of buckets!

Sexual pleasure is psychological. Imagination is great, porn is great, but your mind knows that it’s not real, as in, you are not interacting sexually with another human being. It might not seem to matter, until you do achieve orgasm when you’re having phone sex, or playing with a webcam performer. The latter two are real. Yes, when you have phone sex, it’s usually with a stranger over the telephone but there’s something special about a real time sexual interaction with a real person, and your brain knows it because you’ll come 10 times harder. This brings us to webcam sex.

100 people watching someone perform perverted sexual acts on a webcam might be fun for some, but not for all. There’s something better about a one to one connection, cam to cam that can’t be beaten.

Teasing by exposing a little more flesh, inch by inch, dancing, flirting. Her voice and her body language as she dances and strips for you are undeniable turn-ons for the body and mind. To the brain, it’s a real encounter, on demand, and when things reach a peak, the intensity (and perhaps the mess) will tell you how much better it is to go one on one, live with a girl on the internet than it is to just watch pre-recorded porn.

What’s the best way to pay for webcam sex?

Pay with your mobile or landline phone.

There are some sites that allow you to pay for webcam sex by premium SMS or Premium rate phone call. This means that you are paying through your own phone company rather than entrusting your credit card details with the adult website so some people prefer this method, however this is usually the most expensive way to pay for webcam minutes or tokens.

Pay directly using a credit or debit card.

The cheapest way of paying for webcam sex. As always (and this goes double for adult website), before you enter your credit card details into any website, check that the site is genuine. Make sure you’ve navigated to a legitimate version of the site and not followed any links that may be misleading or be trying to trick you with a similar looking website.

UK Phone Sex

Why Phone Sex Is Good

At the time of writing, a google search for ‘UK Phone Sex’ returns 9,990,000 results. That’s a LOT of phone sex lines. Phone sex is still popular, even among porn lovers. Porn is good, but to be able to pick up the phone while watching and get through to a girl, live and 121, just you and her, well that’s the difference between satisfaction and a mind blowing explosion (and a big mess).

There’s a personal connection, even though it’s with a stranger, that makes masturbation so much more pleasurable when you’re doing it with someone else on the ph

The Problem With UK Phone Sex

topless blonde phone sex girlThe main issue is, there are so many phone sex numbers and methods of payment. Talking about ways to pay, we’re going to recommend using premium rate numbers for a few reasons. Most companies who take your credit card details online or on the phone are 100% trustworthy, but there are a minority of operators that crop up from time to time who are less than trustworthy.

Paying by phone means that your phone company bills you for a premium rate call. The phone sex provider does not know your name, address, credit card number or anything. If there’s a dispute, your phone company is your first port of call. All premium rate numbers in the UK are also regulated by the PSA (Phone-Paid Services Authority) which means that everyone who provides a service on an 09 number in the UK is bound by their strict rules.

Also – when you’ve got your dick in your hand, and you are in the mood to tell a willing slut that you want to fuck her face with it, it’s a bit of a buzz kill to have to find your credit card or register an account online. Just wank with one hand, dial with the other and start talking dirty with a phone sex girl.

Our UK Phone Sex Blogs

We’ve been busy trying out phone sex lines. It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it. We’ve found some real gems for you as well so keep an eye on this site for new reviews every so often. If you know of a GREAT phone sex service in the UK then let us know.